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Inspect Long Island Property Carefully Before Putting It on the Market

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If you are hoping to sell a Long Island property, it would be a really good idea to stay one step ahead of the home inspection.  It is a major relief to find a buyer for your beautiful Long Island property, but many contracts out there allow an escape clause for the buyer if major problems are found during the home inspection.  If you can find the potential issues before an inspection and have them fixed, then it can be smooth sailing to closing. If you do not have a clean inspection, you may end up paying big money and delaying closing.  There are many things that you can take care of yourself, but some items may require a professional. Be smart and make sure that things are done correctly.

Fix Issues Found on a Home Inspection Prior to Selling

Here are a few ideas of things to look for, which often pop up during home inspections.  If your house is full of do it yourself projects, it may be a good idea to have a professional double check your work.  Many people take on fixes themselves to save money but may not be properly trained and end up doing things incorrectly. Other things to think about are all of those general maintenance projects that may have been neglected for years.  Is your dryer vent full of lint? Is the caulking around your bathtub cracking? Is there a hole in your siding just inviting in little critters? Has the bathroom sink been leaking and damaged the vanity?

Make a list and go through the inside and outside of your home to check out each item.  Also, ensure that major appliances in the home are clean and functioning properly. Change the furnace filter, freshen the garbage disposal, and replace anything that may be worn out or is not working.  

Other places that are often problem areas during an inspection are basements, roofs, and wiring.  Make sure that all outlets work, check for spliced wires, and take a look at the breakers in the service panel to make sure everything looks correct.  If you’re unsure of how to do this yourself, have a licensed professional come take a look. In addition, check to make sure that everything is in order on your roof.   Make sure all shingles are accounted for and in good shape as well as any flashing in the joints of your roof. Also get into your attic to make sure there have not been any leaks.  A leak that has gone unnoticed for a long period of time could mean major issues such as mold and rotted wood. If there are any issues, fix them immediately.

Moisture is not only a problem on the roof, but also in basements.  If water has been seeping in through the cracks, that could mean serious problems.  If you notice any moisture, talk to a waterproofing contractor to take care of the problem before it gets huge.  Take the time to be prepared for the home inspection. A little work in advance can save huge headaches during an already stressful time of life.  

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