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Uncover Hidden Home Issues with a Long Island Home Inspector

Get the insight you need to maintain and repair your home from a Long Island Home Inspector. We uncover issues with moisture, dry rot and termites, quickly and easily. READ MORE

Replacing Filters Regularly Key to Overall Health of Home

Cleaning or replacing your air and water filters is essential in maintaining your home. Renewing your filters will help you save on energy costs and keep your house cleaner. It also reduces wear and tear on appliances, making them last longer. WIN Home Inspection provides a list of filters in your home you should be cleaning or replacing regularly: READ MORE

Home Inspections Reduce Roof Maintenance Cost

A home inspection can guide you to understand the needs of essential elements of your home staring with the roof and attic. READ MORE

5 Simple Tips to Reduce Cooling Costs this Summer

Keeping your home cool during the warm months can take a toll on your finances. Cooling costs can account for more than half of your power bill. Click here for five recommendations from WIN Home Inspection to help you reduce expenses and stay cool. READ MORE

Tools That Define a Smithtown WIN Home Inspector

Some home inspectors would look at the damaged ceiling, realize that it was a leak at some point and ask the homeowner if it had been resolved and move on. A Smithtown WIN home inspector would never take a stained ceiling at face value! READ MORE

Long Island Home Inspections Surprise Home Owners

Home inspectors uncover the mysteries of your home with detailed, accurate reporting which is especially important when considering your home's foundation. READ MORE

Preventive Maintenance on Your Electrical System Key

A home’s electrical panel is responsible for holding multiple circuit breakers that distribute power throughout the home, making it an important component of the structure. READ MORE

3 Easy Steps to Maintain Your Air Conditioner this Summer

Maintaining an air conditioning unit doesn’t take a lot of time or effort and ignoring the necessary service can lead to an air conditioner malfunction and cost. Using these few tips can help keep your AC unit working and functional. READ MORE

Water Heaters Hot on Long Island Home Inspection Checklist

Inspecting a water heater is a necessary part of every Long Island home inspection, especially when evaluating historic homes. READ MORE

Get Your Home Ready for Summer

Spring isn’t the only season to clean. Seasonal upkeep is an important habit to help keep your home in the best shape possible. A well-maintained home provides comfort year round and when you decide to sell your home, it can also potentially increases your sale price and speed up the closing process. READ MORE