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What First-Time Buyers Should Know about Home Inspection Contingencies

From scheduling inspections to closing costs and even contingencies, there’s a lot to learn before embarking on your home buying experience. Learning about these early in the process can prevent hiccups down the road. READ MORE

Homeowners Should Look to LEDs when Upgrading Lighting

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Spring Is a Good Time for Maintenance on Your Smithtown Home

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5 Tips for Better Air Quality in Your Home

Improving air quality doesn’t typically top a homeowner’s list of chores. However, improving air quality in your home provides many benefits, including fewer allergens, debris and toxins. READ MORE

DIY Spring Home Inspection Checklist for Long Island Real Estate

Routine maintenance checks and repairs are essential to keep your home in good shape. There are many jobs that are easy for homeowners to do themselves. However, some areas of the house, especially the roof, are more dangerous if you haven’t been trained in safety measures. READ MORE

Buying a New Long Island Home? WIN Home Inspection Has You Covered

For anyone, buying a new home is a time of great excitement...and not a little stress. People who choose to purchase a new Long Island home probably have double helpings of each. While it’s tons of fun to choose the counters, flooring, paint colors, and fittings you’ve always dreamed about, it’s possible to get decision fatigue, too. READ MORE

Smithtown WIN Customizes Home Inspections to Meet Your Property Needs

Ever wondered is a home inspection covered the same ground as a condo inspection? Or if a loft or townhome needed different treatment? The same Smithtown WIN home inspector can examine each of these properties, but the process to do is not the same. Read this article to discover differences. READ MORE

Remember When Hiring a Home Inspector Was Fun?

When you first sought your home, there were so many things to love. You listened closely when your home inspector shared the details of your inspection report, wanting to know all you could do to maintain your new love. Over time feelings can change. Is it time to love your home again? READ MORE

WIN Franchisees Hit Milestone Years in Business

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Home Inspector Advice For Selling Your Home

Help someone find their dream home by making sure yours is in touch with current trends and models through utilizing home inspector advice. We'll help you understand what matters. READ MORE